Your failure to plan does not constitute an emergency for us.

Your failure to plan does not constitute an emergency for us. But it does impact us, sometimes greatly. If you have been reading our blog we have been talking about how it was time to start the paperwork for summer work back in December. Your ducks should all be in their row so we can start your home improvement project. It’s June and we haven’t heard back from multiple people whom we have sent proposals. Also there were quite a few who were in the beginning of planning who were going to architects for plans. But it’s time to start and we are still waiting on potential customers.

It seems to be taking architects longer and longer to get finished plans to customers. Not saying it’s their fault but the homeowners change their ideas once they see them on paper. And see the price. We need the plan to price it accurately.

The home improvement tv shows make it look like it all happens in days when it’s actually weeks. The shows show the homeowner/flipper walking around with the general contractor who can just throw prices out while eyeballing the location. WRONG unless you are also letting them choose what the product is going to look like they can not just pull numbers out of the air. Basic tile and standard sinks and builder grade fixtures maybe. Not farmhouse sinks and subway tiles. I guarantee they are just throwing numbers they planned and looked up before filming. But even during those shows they end up upgrading and making changes. Unexpected costs change the number too. We try to limit the unexpected with a through proposal with contingencies.

This is all before we apply to the town for permits to allow us to start working. That is supposed to take 7-10 days but some take longer. The health department has to sign off on some plans. We are getting into summer when vacations are starting and most towns just say wait till they come back. They don’t usually have someone covering the jobs. It all adds time to starting a job.

Then we have to make room in our schedule and cross everything for good weather. Then hope we can get all of the materials delivered in time to start.

So your failure to plan does not constitute an emergency for us but we will try to assist you so we can all start working. Call us at 973-663-0558 to start. We’ll hit the ground running for you.


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