Summer projects require spring planning

House in snow

It’s hard to think about decks and outdoor living when there are multiple inches of ice & snow outside but it will be summer soon and you need to start the paperwork for those projects to be able to start to be done in time to enjoy it over the summer.

Most town’s require written plans for their permit applications to be processed. So you need to speak to an , and allow 3-6 weeks to get a stamped plan to submit with the permit application. Longer if you change your mind over the scope of the project. Or if there are town issues that need to be addressed.

Contractors need a plan to price your job. Think of it as how could a dress maker make a dress that would fit you in a fabric you like in a flattering design if you didn’t show them what you wanted it to look like.

Don’t say it’s a simple addition. It’s never simple. What’s a load-bearing wall that can’t be moved? Is the foundation strong enough to support the extra weight? Can your heater handle the extra heat needed for the new area? Does your town allow a deck to go out the side of your house towards the neighbor? Are you allowed to add a garage? Or build above it? Are there rules from your neighborhood that limit what you can and can’t do to your own house? Some towns have limits on new construction.

Will you need a variance change to be allowed to do your project? You have to allow for weeks/months if you need to go before the zoning board to get permission to even make the change.Depending on your town they may only meet once a month at most every 2 weeks. Don’t assume your town will allow you to do the full scope of your project. Many times we have had full stamped plans that need to be adjusted because towns have rules governing the set-back from the street and the neighbors. Height limits, septic/sewer demands like placement of deck footings and steps, are just a few of the picky things the town considers when issuing permits. But those rules are there to keep you safe. I’m glad they made us adjust a footing placement so we didn’t crash into a septic tank. But all of these things take time before a single plank of lumber gets delivered to your home.

So start rounding up your ducks and wrangle them into a straight line so we can come build you a new deck this summer.  4-12 weeks for 1-7 and work to begin

  1. Decide what you want to do and set a budget
  2. Quick call to town with your lot & block number to ask if it’s something you are allowed to do, confirm if you need a sealed plan for permit
  3. Speak to an architect to get your idea out of your head onto paper or create a plan/picture that town will accept
  4. Get plan to Pavolony Construction to price it in a clear easy to read broken down list of costs for every phase
  5. Adjust scope of work if not within your budget
  6. Apply for permits
  7. Pay for permits and sign contract and let Pavolony get started on making your idea come true.

Pavolony Construction is fully insured and only does work with permits and inspections. We have been in business 28 years and our best advertising is a happy homeowner showing off our work to their friends and family.