Storm prep

As the first storm of the Fall 2015 season approaches we need to take some of the lessons we learned from Hurricane Sandy and put them into place.

If you have a generator you should get it out, fill it up and fire it up. Make sure it’s running well now while it’s dry out. Get extra gas. Know how long it runs on a tank and plan for another 24-48 hours on hand.

Get your extension cords ready. Check them for breaks and bends.Make sure you have enough for what you want do.  Figure out what you need to run your fridge and a cord for a light and phone charging. Right before the storm hits you may want to run the line within the house to the door. Especially if it’s nighttime.

Get your flashlights, lamps and candles ready. Find your matches or lighter.

If possible fill your bathtub and washing machine with water. You can use it to flush your toilets. Get the family into the putting waste paper into a plastic bag instead of the bowl. Learn the “if it’s yellow let it mellow if it’s brown flush it through”.  If you don’t have a tub then fill lots of empty containers. It’s takes almost a full gallon to flush the toilet.

Get food that doesn’t need cooking like sandwiches, salads, cereal etc. You don’t want to open your fridge very often. It will hold the cold for a few hours. Maybe get a block of dry ice or ice cubes, Put ice in a cooler and use that instead of opening the freezer. Get drinks and food for everyone. Make it an adventure. Challenge the kids of how to do things with out power.

Make sure everyone’s phones are charged. See about getting a battery radio. In NJ turn to 101.5 FM they will have state alerts all during the storm.

Get out the board games, cards etc… Have some fun with it.



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