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Pavolony Construction – Other Services

Other Services (View the Other Services Photo Gallery)

Other services offered by Pavolony Construction include:

  • Patios and sheds
  • Snow removal
  • Modular homes
  • Local delivery
  • Trash removal
  • Retaining walls
  • Decorative interior wood walls
  • SunTube installation
  • Driveway installation and more. See gallery for past jobs.

We have the following pieces of equipment which can be used for your job;

Dodge Ram 2014 Switch-n-Go truck: 12′ Flatbed and 12′ Storage body workspace and 10 ton dump body.

Dumpster re-movable on a daily basis so container is not an eyesore for homeowner. Good for debris removal, clean-outs, local delivery’s of sand, mulch or stone. container for tight job site conditions.

The storage box is our movable job tool box. A 12′ toolbox. It is where we keep all of our tools and equipment so it is contained and locked up at the end of each working day. This keeps the job site neat and protects our tools from weather and theft.

The 12′ flatbed for ease of transport of materials which means we have more control of the supplies being where we need then when we need them, not when the vendor has an opening in their delivery schedule.

CAT:  All wheel steer forklift, moving and hoisting materials for all trades. Extends to 40′ to lift with a 6,000 lb capacity. Used for unloading trucks at job site and setting trusses and barrels.

Kubota: Snow removal, creating footings, & trenching. Good for combined spaces. Great for creating deck footings.

Contact us if you have any questions for something not listed here. We have probably done it, we just haven’t taken pictures of it.