Deck the halls

Tis the season to decorate your home.

It’s the perfect time to do an inspection of your walls, ceilings and floors.

See how they look, do you need to paint? Repair drywall? Is the trim in good shape?

Check your windows for air leaks. Do they seal when you lock them?

Look at the condition of your gutters when you are hanging your lights.

Look at the newly open areas when you are cleaning and re-arranging your furniture to make room for guests.

Has your family grown? Do you need more overnight guest space?

Do you need to convert your basement or other under utilized space into much needed entertainment space?

Do you think the 2018 is the last time you say “Wow we need more space.”

Do you think 2019 is finally the time to make those changes you talk about every post-holiday gathering? Is this the year that, that addition finally happens?

Pavolony Construction LLC can help you in 2019 to get a handle on your house again.

So think of us after the holidays are over, we can help you have an outstanding home for the next round of holidays!