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Happy New Years, here’s to a amazing 2018

Don’t know about your family but 2017 has been quite a year for Pavolony Construction. Very happy to see it end and we are looking forward to the new year.

We moved into a new space that is both our office and garage. All of our tools, vehicles and desks in one convenient location. Organizing the move was interesting but it’s all working out quite well now.

Now is time to get back to work! We are working on the proposals for Spring and Summer 2018 in addition to securing indoor work for this winter. So if you want Pavolony Construction to assist you on your home improvements get your ideas to us now so we can get the proposal out to you and secure a spot on the calendar.

Asking for the job

  One of the top rules in sales is to ask for the job. Sometimes it’s just that simple. The consumer gathers lots of information and sometimes is overwhelmed to the point where they just need simple directions. Like the salesperson saying. ” When do you want me to start?” “Come sign this contract to…Continue Reading