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Spring is here!!!

Wow that was a long winter. But spring is here and it’s time to get outside.

How did your home handle the winter?

Did your window’s leak?

Did your gutter’s drain as they should?

How does the roof look?

Is the family glad to get outside and away from each other?

Is this the year you add a deck? A pool? Front porch? An addition? An outside kitchen?

Let’s get together and make a plan to increase your actual living space!!!!

It’s time to get the plans going if you want to enjoy it this summer.

Call us 973-663-0558 to get started.


New Year New projects

We welcomed in a new year. Now to spend the next few weeks turning an 8 into a 9. Once we take down the festive decorations we are faced with the return to normal. But what if you see that you no longer love your normal. What if you see that you need to freshen…Continue Reading

Deck the halls

Tis the season to decorate your home. It’s the perfect time to do an inspection of your walls, ceilings and floors. See how they look, do you need to paint? Repair drywall? Is the trim in good shape? Check your windows for air leaks. Do they seal when you lock them? Look at the condition…Continue Reading

You get what you pay for

Twice this week we have gone out to give estimates on jobs partially completed by another contractor. Not everyone who calls themselves a General Contractor (GC) knows what they are doing. They aren’t always lying, sometimes they are just overestimating their skill levels. Not everyone does full, correct, estimates of the time and material needed…Continue Reading