Asking for the job

1st step the initial touch goes on a clipboard with the start of information, name , address, project, contact numbers etc.
2nd step Once we make a proposal we create a folder and move to vertical file
Our white board to keep track of jobs and proposal status.


One of the top rules in sales is to ask for the job. Sometimes it’s just that simple. The consumer gathers lots of information and sometimes is overwhelmed to the point where they just need simple directions. Like the salesperson saying. ” When do you want me to start?” “Come sign this contract to lock in the price” ” What date would you like delivery?” “Let’s get it done.”

As a General Contractor we process many proposals that are never acknowledged. Even when they do want to hire us they don’t always let us know until we ask. Repeatedly we have gotten calls asking when we were going to start without ever telling us we have the job. Even when we include an acceptance signature space on the proposal. For larger jobs $10,000+ we will generate an official contract before we start work. It includes everything from scope of work, payment schedule and legal talk about mother nature and the such. We have noticed an increase in the customer not stating  “Yes you have the job” Or just as importantly “No you don’t have the  job”

Once we send out a proposal we do follow up e-mail’s to check on status of the bid. We would love to get feedback on each proposal. We spend an average of 4 hours on a simple proposal and 8+ if there are architect plans, preparing a comprehensive proposal. Let us know if we are still in the running. If our number is higher than the others does it cover the same scope of work? We give precise proposals spelling out how much each step costs not just a job total. Not every company does that with their proposals. We don’t have surprise bills at the end of projects so we have to be through when making the proposal to cover everything.

We know potential customer’s have problems getting calls back from contractors  but so do the contractors. 7 out of 10 emailed proposals never reply back to us. They don’t return phone calls either. They also don’t respond to direct email’s asking about the status of the proposal or project. It doesn’t hurt our feelings to not get a job but the feedback would be helpful. It needn’t be embarrassing. Leave a phone messages after hours or reply to an email.  It would also be helpful so we can clean up our walls to keep track of serious work only.

We all want to start every job on the right foot. That is why we do a full proposal with the entire job spelled out. We include a time proposal and payment schedule so we are all on the same page.

So tell us we have your job and let’s get it done with Pavolony Construction.

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