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It takes time to make your home special

The days of having a house just like your neighbors is over. With all of the home improvement shows and stores around everyone can put their mark on their home. People now what special touches of their personality

Sometimes the potential customer doesn’t want to believe how long it takes to complete a project. Here’s links to other professional websites with the specifics on the following timing topics.

NJ Permit FAQ

It takes at least 2 weeks and sometimes 4 weeks to get a permit in NJ. Each town has specific demands and should be checked out before starting.

Pella special order

It takes 3-10 weeks to get special order windows. Standard ones still take 1-2 weeks if they don’t have them in stock. Pella makes each window to order.

Avoid a flooring nightmare

Just ordering hardwood floors is only part of the time involved with wood floors. It takes hardwood planks 5-10 days to acclimate before you can install them.

Kitchen install

Kitchen cabinets take 4-8 weeks lead time from order to install. Stone counter tops don’t even get measured for until the cabinets are all installed, then it’s 2-4 weeks until install.

Bathroom worksheet for costs

Showers take much more time than you would expect. Especially the trendy tile oversized showers so popular on the home improvement shows. Glass shower door are much more expensive than you would think.

Paint calculator

Painting is not just a one day job. Especially if you are getting new drywall. New drywall needs 3 coats of spackle and sanding with at least a drying day between coats. Then it needs a primer coat and dry day. Then we can do the color. At least 2 coats and for some rich colors a third coat. Then there is trim. It can be pre-painted but it will need spackle , sand and touch up paint after being hung.

And there is more but please understand we have been doing this for years and we know how to estimate timing. Add to that possible weather delays and material delays. We try to include additional 2 weeks to take unforeseen issues into consideration. Also add in a homeowner making the purchases directly and the timing can get complicated. But trust us at Pavolony Construction Inc. it will be worth it in the end.