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All construction projects are a collaboration

The General Contractor is like a conductor of an orchestra. Maybe more like a lead singer in a band since he will be working too, not just directing others. Or my favorite image that only works for those of us old enough to remember Ed Sullivan is the plate spinner.

Working with the right materials
Plate spinner


All construction projects are a collaboration of talent. Each person plays an important part based on their specific skill sets. Some are obvious like the plumber, electrician, HVAC and painter. Others are not as clear-cut. Most come in and out of the project. Very few jobs start & end on the same day. The General Contractor is the one that keeps it all on point and spinning. Knowing when to bring in the different craftsmen is an art form. Too many plates at a time and it’s havoc. Too few and you just don’t get done the job.

Different factors can slow down a project.

#1 is weather. Science takes over. Spackle and paint don’t like cold & damp. Windows and siding don’t like wet weather. Almost nothing likes snow.

#2 Is inspections. You get to a stage in the project and the town needs to inspect before you proceed. In point you need to have insulation inspected before you can put on the drywall. So say the insulation is done on Tuesday you may not get an inspection till Wednesday so you can’t schedule drywall until Thursday but they aren’t available till Monday. One postponement can set off a chain of delays.

#3 is the material. Multiple factors starting with the owner selecting them, the designer drawing it and then the lead-time to order the items. All of which take time and thought. The longer each step takes, the longer till we get the material on site. The craftsmen can’t do much until then. There is only so much prep work to get ready. Someone needs to decide on colors and sizes of all finish materials. That includes but is not limited to: siding, roof shingles, windows, paint, sinks & faucets, light fixtures, shower/tub, toilets, cabinets, doors, counter top, back splash, door knobs & flooring which can be tile, wood, laminate & carpet. We realize it’s a lot but the sooner the choices are made the faster it will be to get them on site when we are ready for them. Some items take weeks to get in once we order them. Some need to be measured just prior to ordering. Some things we build to fit the purchased items. We are creating a custom addition so we don’t have standard things we install. If we can have all of the plates ready to go we can spin them as needed.

So remember each part of the project is just as important as the next and it all must layer together to create a finished project. And all the plates need to be on site for the master plate spinner to do his job.