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Spring is coming so get your permits filed

We are having unseasonably warm weather here so it’s reminds us that it’s time to start gearing up for construction. It looks like we’ll be able to start outside work soon. But before a single nail can be hammered we need to apply for building permits. Each town is different. Most require architect plans for in depth additions and renovations. Anytime you want to remove a wall or change electric and/or plumbing you will need sealed plans. Click on link for NJ State rules and forms.

NJ Department Of Community Affairs

Basic Building, Planning and Zoning Rules in the State of New Jersey

This is a good comprehensive list from 2010 but check your local building dept for changes.

Your first step should be to call or visit your town’s building department. Tell them what you want to do and ask what paperwork you need to fill out and what type of plan/picture they will require. At this time they should be able to tell you if you will need a variance, which is an official ruling for an exception to building rules. There are rules for the size of your structure based on the size of your lot. Also there are set-backs from the edges of your lot that can influence where you can do an addition. Also you may need an structural engineer to get involved to make sure the current structure can hold an addition. You go for a variance before the Zoning

Then contact an architect to draw it. Tell them your budget and wish list.Once you get a working set of drawing contact Pavolony Construction or another construction company. We can then get you an accurate proposal. It can 2-3 weeks to get prices on the materials and sub-contractors.

Once we have final drawings, prices and names of all subcontractors with a seal on the electric and plumbing forms it’s time to submit the permits..

Each town is different but expect it to be 1-4 weeks to get approval to move forward. Nothing can happen until the permits are prepared, paid for and the printed permits are displayed at the job site.

So if you want to be working in April you need the paper trail to start in February.

Contact us at Pavolony Construction Inc at and 973-663-0558 to help you with starting the paperwork for your project.