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The 18 stages of Construction

Dave & I were talking and we decided most people don’t understand all the different stages of a construction project and when they happen. We made this list and wanted to share it to shed some light on why it takes so long to do a home improvement job right. Each stage takes at least 2 weeks and add in another week per inspection. Not each job needs each step.

Keep in mind this is the actual work order once the permits are all in place

(* Town Inspection(s) needed)

  1. Demolition
  2. Masonry *
  3. Framing *
  4. Roofing
  5. Siding
  6. Window’s & exterior doors
  7. Stairs
  8. Electrical *
  9. Plumbing *
  10. Heat, A/C *
  11. Insulation *
  12. Drywall *
  13. Plumbing & Electrical fixtures*
  14. Cabinets & counter tops, tile work
  15. Trim & interior doors
  16. Paint
  17. Flooring
  18. Final clean-up *

There are potentially 15 different town inspections including the final inspections necessary for the Certificate of Occupancy.

When we tell you 5-8 weeks or 24-26 weeks this is how we come up with that figure. We have been doing it long enough to know how to factor in weather, inspections and sub-contractor delays. We know how long it gets material delivered on site and know how to time it close to when we actually need it as to not store too long.

When people ask for a quick free estimate they have no idea how much we work on giving an accurate assessment of the time required and costs. We at Pavolony Construction Inc. can’t just throw a number at a job. There are many factors to go into a real estimate. In the past people have not been happy with the free estimate since we tend to go high as to not miss a major portion of the job. We don’t want anyone to hire us on a quick number. We want you to fully review our 1-2 page written estimate with costs and timing spelled out. Also use it to compare with other estimates to make sure you are comparing apple to apples and not apples to applesauce. And then to hire us not because we are the lowest price but because we have given you a through price and time frame. We have done our research and have given you a number that fit’s in your budget with an extensive scope of work that does what you want. We even spell out when payments are due so we are all on the same page.

So when you are ready for a real estimate give us a call. 973-663-0558 Pavolony Construction Inc.