Monthly Archives: November 2016

Winter is the toughest season in building world

The election is over and it’s time to move forward

We have worked for the last few years to get our website up and running the best of what we do proudly displayed for all to see. We have been keeping a social presence on Facebook. This blog is an example of us keeping ourselves  higher on the Google search engines. We have secured our place on Angie’s List as a Super Service Award winner for 3 out of 4 years. We have acknowledged that having an online presence is vital because it’s how most people get their information. Gone are the phone book yellow pages & newspapers advertisements. Now print ad’s are more likely to be placements at the local diner or monthly local freebie magazines.

We have also continued to work on our word of mouth recommendations by consistently doing a good fair job for people. People have no problem saying bad things but it takes a special worker to get praise from a customer. We at Pavolony Construction Inc. strive for the compliments. We take pride in our work and craftsmanship. It shows in our pictures and happy reviews on Angie’s List.

Getting back to the work. Now is the hardest season to schedule work. We are dependent on the weather more than ever. It’s hard to swing a consistent hammer in the cold. It’s hard to carry lumber through the snow. Rain & snow can stop a job in it’s tracks. Winds can un-secure the most tied down secured tarps allowing for rain to get unto the jobsite. Mud can add to clean-up time at a site. We do the best to weatherproof a house but it’s not easy. We have run gangways of cardboard to protect floors. We have hung plastic walls to keep the unfinished stuff from the finished rooms. We have taken our boots off and on at doorways. But this all adds up to additional time and energy not spent progressing the project.

Don’t even get me started on the effect the holidays have on getting town inspections. First there are multiple holidays in Nov-Jan. Officially closed days. Then add in vacations and time off that needs to be taken before the year end. Then take in to consideration that some towns share and cover for each other towns inspectors. We don’t call for an inspection until we are ready for an inspection but then sometimes it can be days until they send an inspector.  Sometimes we can do other work but sometimes we can’t move forward until we have that passed inspection certificate. Then the homeowners get annoyed when nothing is happening on the site for a few days. Sometimes it delays the subcontractor from starting or continuing his portion of the job. They are also juggling multiples jobs at the same time.

So it is not quite the winter of our discontent but it is good to have these problems. We are busy and working on having more than one job going at a time. New job prospects are coming in and we are working on getting out proposals and figuring out time frames for those jobs. So now is the time to start planning for Spring projects. It’s too late for this winter but perfect timing for after the thaw.crane with hunk of house