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Use maintenance checklist as plan of action.

Fall is almost here. Get ready.

Fall should be the beginning of the homeowner calendar.  We will start spending more time inside our dwelling. Just like the squirrel gathering acorns for winter we must make sure our dwelling can shelter us all winter. Even if you don’t believe the posts about the Farmer’s Almanac calling for a particularly harsh winter it will be colder. And wetter. And it’s coming.

Most sites agree that the first thing to do is a visual check.  How does the roof look? Any missing,  loose, buckling shingles?  Are the gutters and leaders in place? Do they need cleaning?  Water is the houses major enemy.  You need a solid barrier from it getting inside. How are your windows? If they don’t seal shut they can let water in and expensively heated air escape. Same with doors. A door that doesn’t close well can also leak hest and is easier to break down allowing for robbery.

Most of these you can address yourself or hire a handyman to address  if it’s a maintenance issue.

But what if it’s not a small job? What if in your close inspection you realize instead of fixing the roof now why don’t we rip it off and add a 2nd floor?  Get a new roof and the new master bedroom suite? How about instead of replacing the carpet with hardwood floors we take out a wall and reconfigure the 1st floor to get an open space  Or your newly empty nest needs revisions to make it work for your current needs? Maybe instead of moving you decide to add on that new space. Finally get that 4th bedroom or mancave or 3rd garage bay. Then you need to speak to a design building team like Pavolony and Nichols. Dave and Jason will meet with your family to discuss how Jason can design your new space and Dave can tell you how much and how long till it can be a reality. Dave has 28 years in construction in the area. He has built additions, new homes, garages, add-a-levels, decks, basements, even a restaurant and firehouse additions.

Dave and Jason have worked together for years. No ego struggles over design vs function.  They both respect each other and what they both bring to the project.  They both understand budgets and costs. In your initial meeting you need to share your budget and wishlist. Almost no one has an open cash flow for a project so be clear on how much you have and they will give you that much new home. Not giving that number at the beginning wastes everyone’s time with revisions.   In this day and age of home improvement stores and shows the homeowner is much more educated on prices and scope of work. Same way the car salesman job has changed so has the general contractor. Prices are more transparent.

Pavolony Construction will give you a fully broken down estimate of costs in writing in its proposal.  You will see how much goes to electric,  plumbing,  roofing,  hvac, windows, etc.  After the proposal has been accepted you will get a contract spelling out what you will be getting and a payment schedule based on different phases being complete. That schedule is for the benefit of both parties. It keeps costs down to pay for materials as we go along and multiple smaller payments are easier to budget for the homeowner. 90% of all additional costs are customer changes to  plan. 10% are due to unforeseen conditions discovered during construction.  When there is an additional charge Pavolony Construction addresses it immediately.  We do not wait till the end and hand you a surprise bill. Most times you will have to sign off on a change order before we do the additional work. Dave has many options to assist you in making any changes.

We are in the customer business and there is nothing more personal than our crew being in your home for weeks at a time making a mess and cleaning it up daily. We want you to be so happy that you have us back and that you refer us to others. We value our 3 Super Service awards from Angie List because they are based on happy customers writing reviews on our work, attitude and skill. Dave taken each job seriously and  personally gets involved with every aspect of the job. He cares that it is all done well and that the homeowner is happy at all times.

So this fall take a long hard look at your home. Make the maintenance moves to get ready for winter.

If you think you want to make major exterior changes then now is the time to start for Spring 2017.  Winter is the best time for designing and obtaining permits to be ready when the weather breaks in spring.   Some interior only designs, like taking down walls to open a space can be done in winter and now is the time to get those plans ready to get permits for winter interior jobs. Depending on the town permits can take 2-8 weeks. Depending on how many departments need to sign off on plans . Almost all work needs an architect plan now.

So let’s get started on your design. Contact Pavolony Construction at 973-663-0558