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It’s worth it to hire an architect for your construction project

It’s worth it to hire an architect to create official plans for your construction project. More and more towns are requiring sealed architect plans for permits. Carpenters & contractors can’t do drawings for permits. Homeowners can do the drawing but you get what you pay for. Think about telling someone to make you a wedding dress and not giving them a drawing or pattern only a sketch of an idea. Just imagine how that would turn out? Chances are you and the builder have totally different taste in color and style. Also we need your measurements. Something as important as your home needs to make sure that everyone involved is on the same page with the same vision.

Most towns have this same rule
Most towns have this same rule

Architect plans have details on every aspect of the project. From rafter layout, window size list and placement to electrical schematic and plumbing pipe plan. From the first meeting with an architect they will discuss your current home and how it is lacking certain things to make it better for your current life’s needs. You will discuss what works and what doesn’t and the architect will suggest design choices to enhance your beloved home. Whether it’s doing an add-a-level or foundation to roof addition they will do what works on your lot and make sure it becomes a new structure without looking like an after thought. They are familiar with town ordinances and can assist you in obtaining a variance by drawing proposed plans. You may need to take those to your town to request a variance which is basically asking permission to go beyond the zoning laws. It makes it much easier to create an accurate estimate on how much the project is going to cost. At Pavolony Construction we can give you a multi-page breakdown of each phase of a build so you can see how much each portion will cost. We will help you cut the scope to fit your budget or give you ideas of how to add to your design.

Pavolony Construction works with j2n Architecture’s Jason Nicholas very closely. We will work with any firm’s plans but we have a relationship with Jason. Jason and Dave visit prospective customers together and discuss cost effective options before putting pen to paper.  Their combined 50+ years of construction knowledge is a valuable tool ready to help you get the most home for your money. The cost for the blueprint is worth it for peace of mind that you know at the start how much the project will be and how it will look.

So lets all get on the same page and make your home what you want and need it to be.