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Spring home improvement work planning starts now

If you are thinking of doing a spring home improvement project now is the time to get started.

One of the first steps is to determine your budget. We could all think of big things we would like to do to our home but  the purse-strings control the scope of the reality of the project. It is more complicated than just taking a trip to your hardware store and seeing how much the materials would cost. Some projects can be DYI but most require a professional.The professionals will charge for their labor so that’s on top of the materials. Professionals spend more time than you think in preparing an accurate estimate but a good estimate will be in the right ballpark to decide if you can play ball. Beware of anyone giving you a quick estimate, they are usually guessing and guessing high to avoid doing the job or low figuring they can charge you more at the end for “extras”

Call your town to see if you can do what you want to your house. There could be zoning and variance issues which you will need to discuss with the building department. Also ask them if you need “sealed plans” Most towns require either the homeowner or architect/engineer do the drawings of the proposed project. Sealed plans are architect/engineer plans with their raised seal on them. Most towns require that you get a permit to do the work which means you need to list who will be doing the work. Almost all electrical & plumbing should be done by a licensed professional unless it’s a simple replacement of a fixture. If so then you will need them to fill out your permits in addition to your carpenter/contractor with their proper license numbers and the such. Permit applications take a minimum of 2 weeks and sometimes a few months if you need a variance.

Now if you do need sealed plans, contact an architect/engineer. We have a few in our Preferred Partners section of the About Us tab on our website Or if the town will allow you you need to make an accurate drawing with sizes and materials.

Once you have something on paper call for a contractor. Pavolony Construction does not do the drawings so we need to see something to give an estimate. Think about it as making a wedding dress. Would you want someone to make you a dress without a picture and without your input on the materials or design. So we need to know what you want to do to give you an estimate. Each job is different. We don’t ever repeat a job so each one will cost differently.

So you can see lots goes into the prep work before we ever start a job. It’s not always the big jobs that take the longest to secure permits but the more ducks you have in your row before starting the faster it will go for everyone involved. We at Pavolony Construction 973-663-0558 or can help get you started. We know what questions to ask to get you on your way. So if you are thinking of doing a project this spring or summer the time is now to start the paperwork before the ground thaws.