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Hiring an expert in their field

The internet is a wonder. It connects us all to each other and to great research on every subject. A few keystrokes and we can pull up a picture, description, costs and instructions for virtually anything. This is amazing but it does give a false sense of knowledge. Reading it on the internet does not make you an expert. The information you are reading may not be right. Or through. It may be missing steps or parts. There are YouTube videos for almost everything but as anyone who has tried to assemble Ikea furniture knows the difference between seeing and doing is huge.

When you hire a general contractor you are doing more than just hiring them and their crew of workers. You are hiring an experienced thinking person with a vast knowledge of what works and what to avoid. Trust them. You can always over-ride them with design choices but if they are telling you to look at something there is usually a very good reason. They may not come out and say that it’s ugly or that it doesn’t go with the overall design or that it will make the space awkward or any of a million other reason’s it won’t enhance your house. But it’s safe to say if they are pointing it out to you there is a good reason. Like if someone offers you gum or a mint they are not saying hey your breath sticks but they wouldn’t be offering it if all was OK.

There are overwhelming choices now for every detail. It used to be easy. There was one sink faucet. It was brass or chrome. Now there are trends in faucets and hundreds of variations. They don’t even have all of the examples at stores sometimes you choose from a picture. Special non-refundable orders are quite frequently from pictures. Some people are better at seeing the overall picture from all of the separate pieces. Others are not. Because of this the GC may want you to choose the specifics and it is frequently in the proposal as an allowance. An allowance states that we include an item of your choosing up to a certain amount. If you go over or under we will make an extra bill or issue you a credit on the overall price. Pavolony Construction keeps a spreadsheet on every job to track allowances. We will alert you if you are going over budget if you let us know before placing the order. These choices are what changes your price from the original quote. We pride ourselves on not having a different amount at the end of the job. That is why we stay on top of these special items and bill or credit them as soon as we get delivery and an invoice.

Go look at any big box hardware store and take a look at the knob section. There may be a hundred choices. The prices are similar but if you need 14 knobs a simple price difference of $1 is actually a price difference of $14. Now look at windows. A standard home has 20 and the range of windows can be $100-$1,500. So a difference of $20 per window is $400. Solid doors over hollow core for 8 doors could add another $800. A simple increase of the width of your trim could change the price by hundreds. So we are not saying you need to go with the least expensive items but don’t be fooled by ” oh it’s only a little bit more”. We try to make the allowances for a mid-price choice. Also some places in the budget you can save money so you can splurge in others. Fear not we’ll be with you the whole way.