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Construction business is more than just a carpenter with tools

Pavolony Construction is more than the work crew coming to a location and swinging their hammers. Lots of woman-hours have already been spent to get a site ready for the work crew.  Here we gather the ducks and get them into a row before anyone sets foot on the job site with a single tool. Here in our new office space is Bonnie & Carol who have already become very familiar with what will be taking place over the next few weeks and months at the job site..

It all starts with either an email or a phone call from a prospective customer. But even before that the customer had to find us, which is usually the result of advertising, reviews on Angie’s List or BBB, business card ad’s, our Facebook company page, Houzz for galleries of completed projects, our website and this blog you are reading showing up on a Google search or word of mouth from prior customers. None of these just happened, they were written, posted, maintained by Bonnie. We post at least bi-weekly on Facebook, a new blog every month and new picture galleries on as we finish projects. We keep a strong social media presence since that’s how most customers find us.

When we speak to a prospective customer one of our first questions for a good sized job is if they have drawings yet. This is why, there are only 2 options for permit application, professional architect sealed plans or the homeowner can draw their own for uncomplicated jobs. Pavolony Construction does no jobs without permits.

Most towns have this same rule
Most towns have this same rule

Once we have a plan we can get estimates for the materials called for on the plan and the sub-contractors. We get quotes on the windows, the plumber, the HVAC, electrician, siding, roof shingles, mason, excavator and others as called for on the plan. Dave sits with the plan and makes lists of materials and sub’s needed. Once he makes up a proposal, Bonnie or Carol types it up and sends it to the prospective customer. At this point we have spend anywhere from 2-10+ hours just to get to the proposal. That doesn’t include the time spent if he already had a visit with the customer at the site. Sometimes we have spent well over 30 hours before we see a dime. Also there have been times we have spent that much time and not gotten the contract. We do not offer free estimates since we take giving an accurate proposal very seriously. It’s hard when people want us to just give them a number. We just don’t operate that way. Also it’s hard to do all that work getting to a number when the people just want another quote for insurance purposes and never have intent to hire us.

Contracts spell out everything. Including a payment plan so there is no confusion of when we expect payment. We break it down into 3-15 stages. We list what will be done and how much we expect at that time. i.e. Siding done $10,000. This way it is clear to everyone involved. We also do allowances for items not yet picked out like fixtures or tiles.

Now we have a signed contract with a deposit and now Carol takes over and she creates spreadsheets for the tracking of expenses and payments in and out on behalf of each job. At any given time she will know where we are on budget. When the allowance material is picked out we issue credit or a change order bill for the difference. We do change orders for anything extra not covered by the original contract BEFORE we do the change.  We get signatures then so there are no surprises at the end. Almost all changes are customer driven.  Pavolony Construction will not hit you with an extra bill at the closing.

There is a master calendar in the office where we keep track of every job and the inspections, material delivery, subcontractor schedule and more. It’s like a well choreographed dance.

In the office how we keep track of every job
In the office how we keep track of every job

So you can see lots of work happens away from the job site so keep that in mind when you hire a contractor. And what happens behind the scenes at Pavolony Construction Inc.