Monthly Archives: August 2015

Before you take a sledgehammer to that wall….

Here in construction world we are going strong with our big summer build. We are looking forward to a few months of cooler temps before the weather drives us inside.

Now is time to start thinking about your holiday needs. Are you hosting Thanksgiving? Can you handle it in your kitchen as is? Need more counter space? Is your dining room big enough? Is this the year you knock out a wall to create an open plan kitchen/dining/living area?

Now before you take a sledgehammer to your walls you need expert advice to determine if it’s a wall that can go away. Every wall has purpose. Sometimes it’s only to divide the space, sometimes it’s holds up the 2nd floor and some hold up the roof. Some conceal the pipes and electrical between the floors. You can’t tell just by looking. Scheduling a structural engineer or architect to come look and draw you up a plan is the right way to go. Now if you built your house and still have the architect plans on hand you can look there but most of us don’t have access to those plans. I know this sounds like an extra expense but getting your 2nd floor out of your first floor after it walls collapse in would be a much larger expense. Gone are the days when a builder can come in, knock out a wall and re-do an area without permits. More & more towns are requiring raised seals plans before issuing permits. It’s for every ones protection to have permits & inspections along the way. Now if they determine that your wall is load bearing there might be a way around it but again you need a professional plan. They may also come up with alternate plans that may even be better than what you planned.

Point is, it’s worth the expense to have a professional plan. I confirmed with our town that anytime you are doing a job that requires a permit you will need a written/drawn plan. Unless you are re-doing something, like re-roofing, re-siding, re-wiring or replacing an appliance. Anytime you have to open the drywall or add to or change service you will need a permit thus a plan. Customer’s can draw their own plan but realize this you are then assuming the liability for the validity of the plan. You have just absolved the builder & town of most of the liability if it goes wrong. So don’t think of it as an added expense but as the first of many expenses, We have all be told a job worth doing is worth doing right.

Plan to spend 1-2 months getting all of your legal ducks in a row before a sledgehammer gets anywhere near your walls. Pavolony Construction can refer you to architects & structural engineers but we will work with any plans you secure. So start now if you need that new space for the holidays.