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Summer scheduling

We know everyone has mixed feelings about summer. Some are thrilled for the change of activity schedules but some dread the loss of routine. Some look forward to freedom to wake up and do what they want (mainly school kids) but the working adults who now have to plan activities and child care all while still doing their jobs it becomes a stressful time.

Construction world isn’t much different. There is no such thing as a routine day. Since a construction site is an ever changing process we need to plan days in advance for the daily schedule. To make sure you have work for the crew you need to have a few projects going at one time. Waiting for sub-contractors like electricians and plumbers to fit you in since they are also working other jobs can be quite a puzzle. Add to that inspectors who only work on certain days & certain hours and combine that with a homeowner or someone having to be there to let them in to the home. Oh and don’t forget Mother Nature. Rain & snow and sometimes just the prediction of the same can cause a delay.

We at Pavolony Construction Inc. do our best in planning but there are just too many factors to be perfect in our predictions. Unforeseen factors come up all the time that can throw our schedule off. What is it that they say, if you want to make god laugh tell him your plans?

Welcome to summer. We also wish for beautiful sunny days with low humility. Let’s all take a step back from the stress and take in the wonder of it all and just enjoy now. Whatever happens it will just make a better story in the future.


Good problem to have

Business has picked up and dare I say it, too much. It seems all of the plans that have been on the back burner are all coming forward at once and are demanding attention right away. We here at Pavolony Construction Inc don’t guess on how much a project will cost. We don’t just use…Continue Reading