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Angie’s List review issues

Many people are using Angie’s List to find professionals for their home improvement projects. As one of the professionals listed on Angie’s List we welcome the inquiries and are happy to discuss your plans. But sometimes we can’t help the person due to various reasons including timing of project, scope of project or it’s not what we do best. We try to explain why we aren’t interested and make a referral of another professional or make recommendations on how they should continue their search for a professional. So we don’t understand giving us a bad review if we could not help them.  If we give a proposal to replace something when we are unable to repair what they have due to the materials i.e. we aren’t masons so we can’t repair concrete we can only replace them with wood , how is that worthy of a bad review? We didn’t say they had to replace the steps just that the only solution we could offer was to change them.

In this day & age of smartphones and e-mail it’s hard to remember a time when it was acceptable to not return a call for 24 hours. Also we forget that just because we send it doesn’t mean it always get to where you intend it to go. If your snail mail didn’t get delivered it was returned to you but e-mail’s don’t always give you a fail message. So to receive a bad review because we didn’t return one sent message seems a bit petty. What happened to following up on your own request? Especially during the holidays. Sometimes people fall through the cracks because we are human with lots of open proposals. We are sorry our office is still run by people not computers.

People need to know we can only give prices on real items. A picture or drawing of what you want done is essential. You wouldn’t dream of having someone make your wedding dress based solely on what you describe without a drawing. We don’t draw here at Pavolony but we can refer you to someone who can. Usually Jason Nicholas at But we can quote from anyone’s plans. There are so many variables in every project that it’s hard to pull a number out of the air. Have you noticed at any big box home improvement center how many choices there are for everything? 50 different faucets,  35 different front doors, 100’s of drawer pulls…. Each changes the cost of the job. At Pavolony we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our proposals so it goes against our policy to just throw a number at you. We research our prices, set up visits for ourselves and sub-contractors, get specific styles picked out in advance and get multiple quotes from different vendors. The times have changed and almost all town’s require sealed plans from architects for any job involving plumbing & heating and always for new foundations and footings. There are multiple inspection every step of the way. So the days of handing a carpenter a few hundred bucks and he working on your rec room are over. We don’t like surprises so when we give a quote we mean it. So getting a bad review because we didn’t quickly throw a number at a person doesn’t seem fair, does it?

There should be a Angie’s List for customers and their unrealistic expectations. We are all doing the best we can in life and we should all remember that before jumping to complain on Angie’s List.