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Price of doing business is causing vendor to increase prices

We just got this from one of our main suppliers;

“Valued Customer:

I would like to thank you for your support in 2013. The year turned out to be quite challenging in many aspects of our business.

We continue to sort through the impact that new DOT regulations, employment tax increases, unemployment increases and the Affordable Care Act are having on our business and our suppliers. We know that many of you have had increases in health care and other insurance costs in 2013 with no relief in sight for 2014.Effective March 1, 2014 we will be instituting a general price increase across all major product lines, the amounts vary by manufacturer.

Roofing shingles                                 3-5%

Roofing Steep Slope Accessories       5-8%

ISO and Insulation Products              5-7%

Single ply Systems                              3-5%

Siding & accessories                           5-8%

Windows & doors                              4-8%

We have been informed that shingle manufacturers are planning an increase for sometime April or May 2014 over & above our increased amounts.

We will endeavor to keep you informed of all future price increases and to continue to give you as much notice as possible for planning purposes.

Thank you for your business.”

So what this means is we are also going to see an increase in our estimates for supplies.  Once you have a signed contract we will order your supplies with your deposit so we aren’t surprised by sudden price increases. But this is a prime example of trickle down economics.