Monthly Archives: December 2012

7 days and Sandy is a distant memory

It took 7 work days to right what Sandy broke but now the customer has a new and improved garage. And he can start storing stuff in his new loft space.

Call us if you need someone to right what Sandy has broken.

Deck repair and improvement

We have all talked about how we would like to change our home but few us more forward with the plans. But if some of the demolishing is done for you by a storm it seems silly not to then make the improvements you always  wanted. If you had that view you would want a…Continue Reading

Beautiful day to rebuild

It’s a beautiful unseasonably warm Dec day and we are helping to re-build a storm damaged garage. The trusses came from the Pocono’s yesterday and we are putting them up today. What a difference a month makes! One good thing is the owner had us add another row of block so the roof will be…Continue Reading